About TBF

Innovative TBF products have been created by veterinarians, scientists, breeders and nutritionists with the aim of providing a comprehensive dog food that will help our “best four-legged friends” live a better, and therefore longer, happier life. And while the composition of TBF products, which consists of fresh local ingredients, is created primarily to help your four-legged pet achieve maximum health and optimal way of living, the unique business model offers you the opportunity to achieve financial success and freedom!

Together with our independent TBF distributors, our mission is to meet all the needs of both our customers – the owner and their dog. And thanks to the unique combination of research, the latest innovations and over 30 years of combined experience, we are convinced that you will love TBF. More importantly, however, based on our cooperation with breeders whose dogs win world prizes at the most prestigious events, we know that your “best four-legged friend” will love TBF too.

Our Social Responsibility Program ensures that TBF donates a portion of each kilogram of granules sold to abandoned and abused dogs in need so that every dog can live the highest quality and happiest life.

TBF team

Tobiáš Súkenik

Co-founder TBF

Youngest Blue Diamond Partner
in Network Marketing History

Michal Praženica

Co-founder TBF

Expert in Manufacturing and
Logistics Processes