Research, development and manufacture of feed

At TBF, we believe that every dog and its owner deserve only the best. That’s why our feeds are based on a simple philosophy – first comes the health and happiness of your dog.

By purchasing TBF feeds, carefully manufactured in the EU on state-of-the-art equipment and based on strict standards that are several times higher than industry standards, you get exceptional quality products.

Our research and development team, composed of world-renowned premium dog breeders, scientists and veterinarians who have received doctoral (MVDr.) and other academic degrees in various disciplines, never compromises and will only be satisfied with the best. Their goal is to continually innovate and push the boundaries in search of an even more effective formula for our feeds, giving you premium quality products tailored to the needs of your “best four-legged friend”.

The formula of our premium feeds meets the strictest requirements for high-quality, nutritionally and dietetically nutritionally complete nutrition with a very high digestibility and low risk of allergy.

And because your dog’s happiness and health comes first, before launching a new feed, in collaboration with the world’s leading breeders, we conduct extensive studies and analyses to ensure that your four-legged pet gets just what it deserves, the best. If the product does not meet even one of the strict criteria (such as: savoriness, digestion, impact on health, shine of fur, optimization of the locomotor system or many others), we will not use the formula.

“Manufacture is, however, as important as the ingredients used. We would use the best ingredients pointlessly if we were to depreciate them during the manufacturing process.”

6 Step Manufacture Process

The combination of a quality manufacture process and quality ingredients creates a SuperPremium feed that not only meets the parameters, but really works. And that’s exactly what TBF is, tasty, nutritious and functional, delivering “your best four-legged friend” nutritionally everything it needs.

We do not use waste to produce TBF, but high quality ingredients. The basic and main ingredient of all our products is dehydrated meat as a source of animal protein and rice as a source of carbohydrate component. Suppliers of all ingredients have undergone strict selection, are under constant veterinary control and are subject to all European standards and directives. TBF only works with the best in all areas.


SuperPremium feeds are generally made from high-quality, hand-picked ingredients and their formula is mostly developed at the manufacturer’s research centers. Animal but also plant ingredients should be carefully selected and obtained from the production of quality and approved sources. They are characterized by high energy value and digestibility, the main component being the animal component and the daily feeding ratios are lower than in the feed class Premium.

SuperPremium feeds of highest quality contain dried meat, those of lower quality contain high-quality meat meal and a lower proportion of dried meat. Into SuperPremium feeds are added vitamins and often other ingredients that positively stimulate the health and overall vitality of the dog. SuperPremium feeds are often only available in specialized stores or veterinary offices.